Please note that this service is currently available only at our Avondale location.

Set yourself free from unwanted hair - for good!

How it Works

The laser hair reduction beam emits a highly concentrated light specifically into hair follicles, where it is absorbed by the pigment in the follicle, destroying the hair. Longer wavelength with a sweeping laser and cool tip technology makes our machine better, faster and more effective. For best results, at least 6-7 sessions are needed depending on area and growth. One session per month.


  • NO more painful waxing
  • NO more shaving
  • NO more razor burn
  • NO more cuts from shaving
  • NO more ingrown hairs
  • NO more unwanted hair
  • More time to focus on YOU!

What to Expect

  • Clients on average receive up to a 20% hair reduction each treatment
  • It can take 10-21 days after the procedure for hair to fall out
  • Some clients compare the feeling to a rubber band snapping onto their skin
  • Non-invasive with minimal side effects
  • Treatment must be done on a freshly shaved area
  • Long lasting effects
  • Smooth, hairless skin

Do's and Don'ts

  • DO closely shave area (8 hrs before treatment)
  • DO wear loose fitting clothing to appointment
  • DO use SPF 32 minimum if sun exposure is unavoidable (begin 4 weeks before treatment)
  • DO remove lotions, make up & deodorants (before your appointment)
  • DON’T wax, tweeze or bleach before or during treatments (beginning 4 weeks before)
  • DON’T use tanning beds, creams or sprays  (beginning 2 weeks before an appointment)
  • DON’T take hot showers, use hot tubs or saunas (2-3 weeks after a treatment)

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